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June 17, 2014

I got to go back home to La Crosse last weekend to participate in the first annual ARTSPIRE. The event had a number of artists exhibiting as well as multiple stages, food trucks and they even unveiled a mural by internationally renowned muralist John Pugh. I was very honored to receive the show's top award, the Juror's Choice. The award came with a $1,000 dollar prize. Very generous for a first yeat show! It made the two days of scrambling to buy discount plywood, building a booth from scratch, and framing a tentful of artwork worth it. During the next week, I had the privilege to be asked by Mr. Pugh to help with the final stages of the mural. In all it was a very busy and eventful week, and it was great to be back home with friends and family.

Juror's Choice

March 1, 2014

I'm extremely honored to have artwork included in the March/April issue of Fine Art Connoisseur. My painting, "The Underpainting," will be included in a feature called "When Artists Depict Themselves." I'm humbled to be featured alongside some of my heroes and my blogstalkees, including Mia Bergeron, Teresa Oaxaca, Katie O'Hagan, Michelle Dunaway and many others. Julio Reyes and Candice Bohannon have a wonderful feature in there; it's a very inspiring read, and it couldn't have examined two nicer artists. I flew out to New York in 2012 just to catch his show at the Arcadia gallery, and it was quite honestly astounding. It was a whole new level of awareness seeing his work on the walls. Anyway, check out their article! I finally tracked an issue down at the local Barnes & Noble, so it should be on newsstands near you!

The Underpainting, featured in Fine Art Connoiseur


November 24, 2013

I was invited to participate in Open Canvas, a live art show and fundraiser in Milwaukee, WI. It was a great success and I had a blast. More here >>

I'm giving the website a little overhaul, getting some images re-shot etc., so I'll have more work up as it comes in.

June 2012

We're hitting the road again, or rather the skies this time. My painting, "The Welder," was accepted into the Salmagundi's Non-Member Juried Exhibition this year, so we're headed to New York City again. We had an absolute blast last time, so we're incredibly excited to go again. More on the blog when I get a sec.

April 2012

Sometimes exhibiting in far off places is a great excuse for us to travel. I'm very excited to have work in the Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art, and to be able to make the drive out to the show and see the amazing stretch of US between here and there. More info to follow on the blog.

August 2011

A selection of my paintings will be published in the upcoming issue of Poets & Artists Magazine. This is quite an honor, and the list of artists who have been featured in previous issues reads like my bookmarks list and inspiration folder. We're talking David Kassan, Brad Kunkle, Ignat Ignatov, Daniel Ochoa...well, just go check out the magazine. It's a great read; well-curated art and poetry together in one place. I'm proud to be a part of it.

July 2, 2011

Matt's painting, "The Turn," was accepted into the prestigious Salmagundi Club's 34th Annual Non-Member Juried Exhibition in New York City! The Salmagundi Club has counted among it's members some of the greatest American painters, including Blakelock, Inness, William Merritt Chase, Frederick Stuart Church, Howard Pyle, and N. C. Wyeth. Matt is extremely honored to have been chosen for the the exhibition, and looks forward to his first trip to New York.

June 30, 2011

Matt won Best of Show at the Walls of Wittenberg Juried Exhibition. A big thanks to everyone at WoW for the honor!

Matt's upcoming exhibition, Assault of Memory, opens at the Pump House Regional Arts Center on July 22, 2011. Opening Reception is from 5-7 pm.

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